i'm tracy keller

22 years old, born & raised in socal. my love for design started when i was 6 years old, sitting on my dad's lap and playing with photoshop on his computer. ever since then, i've loved creating things in all forms.

i am a firm believer in design as problem-solving rather than art. my educational background in marketing/journalism (class of 2020!) as well as my wide range of skills allow me to approach projects with a comprehensive perspective which extends beyond the task of mere graphic design.

i'm a big fan of coffee, fonts, new experiences, colors, textures, things that are designed well, and all types of music (besides country, obvi). most importantly, in love with my Creator who inspires me to create.

honestly, i’m still figuring out a lot of things...but in the meantime, just working on becoming the best version of myself i can be.