In conjunction with the creative director, I produced a pitch deck to be presented to prospective buyers of CRATE's Accessory Dwelling Units, built from recycled shipping containers. I developed the visual identity based on their current branding as well as the structural design of the units.

I also developed concepts for CRATE's trade show booth, which previously was very minimally branded. The goal was to clearly highlight the shipping container units, while communicating information about the process and clearly distinguishing the brand from their fellow trade show vendors.

CRATE Trade Show Booth Presentation-v3_Page_1
CRATE Trade Show Booth Presentation-v3_Page_5
CRATE Trade Show Booth Presentation-v3_Page_2
CRATE Trade Show Booth Presentation-v3_Page_7

Historically, CRATE has primarily focused on commercial housing projects, missing a huge direct-to-consumer market for their Accessory Dwelling Units and falling behind competitors. I was assigned the task of creating concepts for a new home page which would highlight CRATE's dual offerings, eliciting a more modern brand image and catering to a lifestyle-focused consumer, while working within the constraints of the provided images.

Web 1920 – 6
Web 1920 – 4